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What is Marble?

Marble is a metamorphic rock that forms when limestone is subjected to the heat and pressure of metamorphism. It is composed primarily of the mineral calcite (CaCO3) and usually contains other minerals, […]
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DIY Ideas: 13 Ways To Use Leftover Tiles

Have you recently tiled a bathroom floor? Or your shower pan? Or your whole shower? If so, you probably have a few – or a lot of – leftover tiles. These […]

The Many Uses of Marble

The Properties of Marble and Its Uses Very few rocks have as many uses as marble. It is used for its beauty in architecture and sculpture. It is used […]
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Bold kitchen trends persist into new year

Step into the kitchen of this 1993 traditional colonial and you are met with an eclectic mix of new and old, dark and light. The stage […]


History of Stonemasonry Stonemasonry is one of the earliest trades in civilization’s history. During the time of the Neolithic Revolution and domestication of animals, people learned how to […]
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Difference Between Quartz and marble

Quartz and marble have been in use from very ancient times. Both have many ornamental or industrial uses. Found on the earth’s crust, they are different minerals. Read […]
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8 Countertop Alternatives to Consider

Even though I’ve been trying hard to convince people otherwise, granite countertops are still king. But if the dark, speckly stone leaves you cold, fear not! There […]
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How to Make Your Bathroom Feel Like a Spa

An itinerary of facials, relaxation, and cucumber water doesn’t need to be limited to a weekend getaway—transform your own bathroom into your everyday spa. Create luxury […]

Traditional Dry-Stack Stone Walls: Stone masonry originated with dry-stacked stonework where the walls are carefully layed up without mortar. Gravity serves as the glue that holds […]
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Stone masonry has progressed through the centuries. It has been around since humans could possess tools. It is the art form of architectural structure. In fact, […]