Silicone seal

Replace silicone seal around basins & tubs

If your bathroom is starting to look grubby because the silicone seal around the bathtub or basin is peeling off, degraded, or is covered with mould, […]

What is Granite?

Granite Granite forms when bits of quartz and feldspar are pushed up out of the liquid rock beneath the earth’s crust, so it’s one kind of […]
Marble vs Granite

Marble vs Granite – Choosing the right stone

Marble vs Granite… The choice between marble and granite¬†depends on the aesthetic effects you want to achieve and how much use or abuse the stone will […]
History of marble

A General History of Marble

The use and history of marble in architecture dates back thousands of years to ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian cultures. Capable of bearing immense weight, marble was […]